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Hong Kong Youth Music Festival

The Hong Kong Youth Music Festival is a music program that enhances students' skills and increases their musicality by exposing and enabling them to learn from musicians who possess both professional teaching and performance experiences.

We are grateful for the support from the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theatre & Dance Eileen Weiser EXCEL Fund and the Weiser family's endowment. With their support, we are confident that this collaboration will create an unforgettable music experience for our local students. We also appreciate our venue sponsor, Crescendo Music & Art, and our collaborators for supporting us throughout the journey of offering high quality music experiences.

As the first youth music festival in Asia to be selected as the University of Michigan's EXCELerator Fellows and winner of the University of Michigan EXCEL Impact Award, we strive to deliver a remarkable and enriching week to young local students, and continue to make an impact beyond music.

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Program Highlights


Sectional Rehearsals

Play together in small groups to share and receive feedback, and get a glimpse of how different parts sound together,


String Orchestra Rehearsal

Be part of the bigger picture and feel the power of a string orchestra and hear how the pieces sound holistically.


Rhythm Workshop

Through rhythm exercises, you will master different types of rhythic patterns.


Score Study Workshop

Learn how to analysis full score, including phrasings, cadences and rhythmic pattern.


Wellness Workshop

Held by the Clinical Psychologist to strengthen their self-appreciation and confidence by helping them to understand their own leverages.


Final Concert

The final concert is the accumulation of the students’ hard work over the past five days of coaching and rehearsals.

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