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Baroque Classics: Riccardo Zamuner Plays Four Seasons 演繹巴洛克:韋華第的《四季》

被譽為小提琴超新星,意大利天才小提琴家Riccardo Zamuner和NHKP巴洛克室樂團將將為你送上巴洛克名曲:韋華弟的《四季》,Zamuner將為這首傑作注入豐富的情感,演繹巴洛克。

聯同香港小交響樂團的大提琴助理首席貝樂安(Laurent Perrin)將演奏科雷(Corrette)的名曲《孤獨的樂趣》大提琴奏鳴曲。透過貝樂安玄妙和細膩的音符,帶你探索me time的魅力。



科雷        孤獨的樂趣 第1首及第3首
柯里尼    大協奏曲作品 6, 第4首
泰勒曼    G大調中提琴協奏曲,TWV 51:G9
科雷       喜劇協奏曲第25號:野蠻人和富爾斯登貝格
韋華弟  《四季》小提琴協奏曲

Hailed as a violin prodigy, Italian virtuoso violinist Riccardo Zamuner, joins the NHKP Baroque Chamber Orchestra to present you with the Baroque masterpiece: Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." With his unique tone color and interpretation, Zamuner brings this piece to live in his Hong Kong debut concert! Joining them is Laurent Perrin, the Assistant Principal Cellist of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, playing Michel Corrette’s "Les Délices de la Solitude". Through the sublime and delicate notes of the cello, Perrin takes you on a journey exploring the allure of "me time."

Adding to the excitement, renowned Violist, Yu Sun, will appear as our soloist, and performs Telemann's Viola Concerto in G major. He invites you to the mastery adventure of Baroque music.

Experience the extraordinary charm of the three maestros and the orchestra's performance, it is undoubtedly an event to eagerly anticipate!

This concert is Co-Produced by the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong, and supported by the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong.

Michel Corrette - Les Délices de la Solitude No. 1 and 3
Corelli -  Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 6, No. 4
Georg Ph Telemann - Viola Concerto in G major, TWV 51:G9
Michel Corrette - Concerto Comique No, 25 "Les Sauvages et la Furstemberg"
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

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